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Taher Chiniwala

A visionary way ahead of his time, it was in the year 1978 that he realised the potential of glass and aluminium in the construction industry. It was his passion for this market that helped the brand grow over the years.

A firm believer in giving back to society, as a philanthropist he is also the backbone of the CSR efforts of Chiniwala's Pvt. Ltd.


Iqbal Chiniwala

After completing his MBA from Sydney Business School, backed with unparalleled technical know-how, Iqbal begun his journey with project management and steadily became instrumental in making strategic decisions for the company.

A perfectionist known for his creative abilities, he is the second-generation leader who has taken the company to new heights.


Ebrahim Chiniwala

Started young with negotiating major projects for the company and amassed a strong relationship network.

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